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When our youngest son was a baby, he was very attached to his "blankie". He carried it everywhere we went. As he got a little older and became a toddler the need to carry excessive baby items decreased, so instead of carrying around unneeded baggage, I took his blanket and sewed a couple of pockets into it. I then made them waterproof.

Whenever we went anywhere I would insert whatever we would need for that particular outing. The blanket was going with us anyway so why not utilize it. As our son got older he realized that he could use these pockets to his advantage, he would insert his pacifier, hot wheels, legos, (among other things) into the pockets. He loved being able to take along whatever could fit into the pockets.

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The blanket became a necessity. It was especially good for short outings, Doctors office visits, quick trips to the mall, grocery store, neighborhood barbeques, not to mention it was the perfect accessory when he was in his stroller. He used it to keep warm, and the pockets held anything from diapers and wipes, to hot wheels and pacifiers.

With that the Pac Go blanket was invented!

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